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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Rio+20 must rise to the challenge of paving the way for a new economic order, where sustainability and not just GDP is a key concept, argued the European Economic and Social Committee during a debate with Janez Potočnik, the EU Commissioner for the Environment, and Ricardo Neiva Tavares, Head of the Mission of Brazil to the EU. The Commissioner made it clear that the Rio+20 could not succeed without the constructive input of civil society.

London and Warsaw have put themselves firmly on a collision course with France over the upcoming reform of the EU's farm policy, calling for a "modernisation of European agriculture" which they claim currently "protects outdated practices of the past." The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which currently absorbs about 40% of the EU's €130 billion annual budget, should be radically overhauled to focus on competitiveness and protecting the environment, the two countries said in a statement.

The Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative, which now reaches 1.6m people in five countries according to a new study, is teaming up with an ethical consultancy to try to boost its uptake by UK retailers. Cotton made in Africa works in five African countries to improve the living conditions of smallholder farmers through trade. And the Aid by Trade Foundation, which is behind CmiA, hopes Abi Rushton and her EthicalExpert consultancy will be able to open up new markets for the scheme's African cotton.

Water and sanitation, maternal health, hunger and child mortality: those Millennium Development Goals that are most off-tracks will be allocated an additional €1bn by the European Commission, said EU Commissioner Piebalgs today during a round table on Nutrition at the UN General Assembly. The European Commission is finalising the identification of the projects presented by African, Caribbean and Pacific countries themselves.

After two consecutive nights of thunderstorms the Banana Growers Association, BGA, has suffered an estimated 40% in crop loss which they estimate will amount to US$15-20 million in financial losses. Between Monday, September 5, and Tuesday, September 6, there were two storms with winds of just about 40 mph in the Stann Creek District, as recorded by BGA’s weather equipment.