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Newsletter 255

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

October 2018
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Friday, 19 October 2018

The 21st Brussels Policy Development Briefing will be on 'Geopolitics of Food' and will take place on the 2nd of February 2011 (8h30-13h00).Feeding the world is not anymore just a question of increasing agricultural production and trade but a political question. In a globalised world, the complexity of issues involved in the global food system is increasing, the linkages between sectors influencing and being influenced by agriculture and the relations amongst actors are becoming key. The food, fuel and financial crisis, the effects of climate change and global policies have and will have an impact on the food production and future type of agriculture. In this changing context, what are the consequences for the ACP agriculture and what future for the most vulnerable farmers? What new policies and what global aid architecture would be needed?
For more information please contact: boto@cta.int or lopes@cta.int

EU presidency (Brussels):
-10th January: Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers meeting
-12th of January:  Meeting Coreper I-Meeting Coreper II
-14th of January: Informal meeting of Ministers and State Secretaries for European Affairs
ACP Secretariat (Brussels):
-11th of January: Special Committee of Ambassadors
-12th of January: Joint ACP-EC Technical Committee on Sugar

For more information please consult the calendar on our webpage http://brussels.cta.int

A six-member European Parliament delegation is now in Sudan to observe the southern Sudan independence referendum, with voting taking place between 9 and 15 January. Delegation leader Mariya Nedelcheva (EPP, BG) confirmed   that the poll has so far been conducted in a peaceful atmosphere, but she added that ensuring that the result is respected by all parties, whatever the outcome, will be crucial.

Commissioner Georgieva said "The anti-cholera efforts undertaken before of the post-electoral riots have reduced the daily rate of cholera deaths from 50 on 23th of November to 22 on 4th of December. We are working to continue with this positive trend, but to be successful, humanitarian workers and victims of cholera need peace. Insecurity is killing more people by preventing treatment than by violence in the streets. If turmoil persists, the cholera epidemic can go out of control. It is essential to allow patients to be treated, clean water to be provided and good sanitation to be ensured. If we fail to do so, the consequences could be devastating."

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) was presenting a more unified front at the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations with the European Union (EU), said Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, adding that a final agreement could possibly be reached by mid-2011. This came after negotiations dragged on beyond the previously hoped for deadline of December 2010.

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