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Newsletter 217

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Everyone knows that international policy coordination would be of benefit to all, but what structures, what mechanisms? Iain Begg looks at some of the EU devices that could help shape global governance thinking. In an increasingly inter-connected global economy, the actions of one government have repercussions for others.
Cameroon and the European Commission have agreed upon the text of a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA). Negotiations are ongoing with the Central African Republic. Gabon’s Prime Minister recently requested the launch of formal VPA negotiations between his country and the EU. The launch and first negotiation session is scheduled to take place in Libreville in the week of March 15. For Liberia, 
This year is the UN year of biodiversity and it brings endangered species into the spotlight. Finland's Sirpa Pietikäinen leads a delegation of environment MEPs to Doha, Qatar, this weekend, where parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora (CITES) gather. MEPs will push for a trade ban to save bluefin tuna and polar bears and a ban on the ivory trade. The former environment minister explains what is at stake.
What are the new challenges facing European agriculture? Should the EU keep its common policy? How can it guarantee good living conditions to farmers, whilst ensuring best use of public funds? The Agriculture Committee kicked off debate on common agricultural policy reform, due to start next year, with a public hearing of experts on Wednesday (17th March 2010).
African countries are set to receive a boost in their ability to follow WTO work on food safety and animal and plant health — and to trade more effectively — following a 17-18 March 2010 decision to accept three regional organizations from the continent as observers in the WTO committee dealing with these issues.