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Newsletter 214

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 22 March 2019
Between March and June, PIP will be visiting several ACP countries to launch the new Phase. At a series of launch events the PIP team will present the extended scope of our activities, describe how to access support, and answer any questions. The team will also be available after the events to meet with individuals who require more detailed discussions or wish to explore potential support. The events will be open to a range of invited people and organisations – focusing especially on partners and potential beneficiaries.
The Foreign Affairs Council adopted conclusions on 22 February concerning the situation in Zimbabwe and the renewal of the sanctions imposed by the EU owing to the insufficient progress by the country with its internal reforms. These restrictions can only be lifted in response to concrete steps in the implementation of the 2008 power-sharing deal known as the Global Political Agreement (GPA).
The European Food Safety Authority’s Scientific Committee has published guidance on the risk-benefit assessment of food for public consultation. As foods provide health benefits but can sometimes also present health risks – for example, fruit and vegetables provide key nutrients but can sometimes also contain potentially harmful substances such as nitrates – it is important for decision-makers to be able to take into account the net health impact of different foods.
Tuesday, 02 March 2010
The European Commission today adopted a Green Paper which sets out options for a European Union approach to the protection of forests and to information about forest resources and their condition. Responses to the Green Paper from the public, Member States, EU institutions and other stakeholders will guide the Commission on whether additional action is needed at EU level.
Organic farming 1 in the EU27 covered 7.8 million hectares in 2008, up by 7% compared with 2007. Over a longer time period, the data available for the EU25 show an increase of 21% in the total organic area between 2005 and 2008. In 2008, the five Member States with the largest organic area in the EU27 were Spain (1.3 mn ha), Italy (1.0 mn ha), Germany (0.9 mn ha), the United Kingdom (0.7 mn ha) and France (0.6 mn ha).