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Newsletter 195

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 22 March 2019

European Parliament (Brussels):
- 12 and 15 October: Committee meetings
- 13-15 October: Groups meetings

EU Presidency (Brussels):
- 12 October: Working Party on CODEV; Codex Alimentarius Working Party; Special Committee on Agriculture; Working Party on the Environment; EU–African Union PSC troika (Addis Abeba)
- 13 October: ACP Working Party; Codex Alimentarius Working Party
- 14 October: Coreper I and II; Working Party on Humanitarian Aid and Food Aid (COHAFA); Ministerial meeting between the EU troika and the African Union
- 15 October: Working Party on Internal/External Fisheries Policy; Working Party on Development Cooperation (CODEV); Working Party on the Environment
- 16 October: Coreper I; ACP Working Party

ACP Secretariat (Brussels):
- 12-13 October: EPA Chief Regional Negotiators meetings
- 14 October: W/G on Fisheries
- 15 October: S/C on Establishment and Finance; Committee of Ambassadors

12 October: Briefing ‘ACP Rural Development: why Media matters?’
12-16 October: CTA Annual Seminar 2009

For more information please consult the calendar on our webpage http://brussels.cta.int/

Mr Stefano Manservisi has been the European Commission’s Director-General for Development since November 2004. In this capacity, he helps the Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid to formulate the EU’s development co-operation policy. He also oversees the programming of EU development assistance in the 78 partner countries of the EU in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Mr Stefano Manservisi explains to us the European Development Days (EDD) which is a key European platform for discussion and exchange on global challenges in all key areas – governance, climate change, international finance, trade, food security, water, energy, the role of the media and human and social rights. This forum blend a great diversity of political leaders and parliamentarians, international institutions, local authorities, NGOs, business leaders, academics, researchers, media representatives and the young.

This year’s EDD, in Stockholm (22-24 October), falls one month after the G-20 Leaders meeting in Pittsburgh, two weeks after the IMF-World Bank meeting in Istanbul and six weeks before the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Against this backdrop, the 2009 edition will focus on the global response to the economic downturn and climate change, as well as on the challenges of democracy and development.

CTA's contribution will be: a high-level round table on Global land acquisition (22nd October), the funding of 30 experts form the ACP countries, the organisation of 13 ACP stands in the development village and the support to the training of 15 African rural radio journalists as part of a partnership with the EC and Deutsche Welle.

Friday, 09 October 2009
The next Brussels Development Briefing will be held on 12th October 2009 on the role of Media in Rural Development. We will discuss the need to mainstream media in development and increase donor's attention to media as well as the challenges the journalists and media specialists face when addressing agricultural and rural development issues in their work. We will try to find more on how media can better serve rural communities in ACP countries. This Briefing will be part of the 25th Anniversary events of CTA and we will have with us prominent policy-makers and media specialists sharing with us their experience and views on these issues. To know more and register contact: pruna@cta.int or boto@cta.int.
In the context of the European Development Days to be held in Stockholm under the Swedish presidency on 22-24th October 2009, CTA in partnership with the EC, FAO, IFAD, IIED, AGRA, Regional African Farmers Organisations will organise on 22 October (17h00-19h00) a round table on trends and challenges of the Global Land Acquisition. Recent global trends are prompting a massive increase in global commercial interest in land and natural resources. In many countries this is creating unprecedented pressures on land resources and placing new tensions on land tenure systems. We will discuss the facts, scope and main affected countries as well as the drivers behind. We will also look at the minimum set of principles and measures to coordinate the large-scale transnational land acquisitions and leases at international level in order to ensure that such investments work for the benefit of the population including the most vulnerable groups. To know more and register: boto@cta.int.

European Commission called public authorities, business, and researchers to join efforts in order to develop by 2020 the necessary technologies to address climate change, secure EU energy supply and ensure the competitiveness of our economies. In a proposal on "Investing in the development of low-carbon energy technologies", the Commission estimates that an additional investment of €50 billion in energy technology research will be needed over the next 10 years. This means almost tripling the annual investment in the European Union, from €3 to €8 billion.

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