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Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The CTA Brussels News Service is providing EU-ACP policy news since 2004, on various key thematic areas. The CTA Brussels News Service shall recommence in the first week of September 2015.

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The next Brussels Development Briefings no. 42 on Women entrepreneurs – key players in ACP agribusiness development  shall be held on 17th September 2015. Women make essential contributions to agriculture and rural economic activities in ACP countries but still face limitations in integrating the agribusiness sector and upscaling their businesses. This briefing will look at successful business cases led by women entrepreneurs and analysing the drivers of success.

The CTA Brussels News Service is providing EU-ACP policy news since 2004, on various key thematic areas. In addition to this news service, we also provide news on ACP intra-regional trade, and south-south cooperation (investments of emerging countries' in agriculture in the ACP regions). The main stories for the week are featured in our newsletter and all stories can be found in our Regional Trade and the South-South cooperation sections.

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Friday, 07 August 2015

Portuguese chocolate company, Avianense, was in talks with Angolan investors to install a factory unit in Luanda, as part of an investment of €5 million. The factory’s managing director, Luciano Costa, said that the plant will produce Avianese chocolate and take advantage of the close proximity of São Tomé and Príncipe to import raw materials for production. The company also hopes to boost export sales to the rest of Africa. The company’s produces 60 tons and employs 15 people. Its annual turnover is around €1.5 million. Currently, Angola annually imports about €80,000 worth of chocolate from Avianense.

The EU’s process of regional integration has served as an example for many of the emerging economic blocs in Africa, including the East African Community (EAC). The recent, but also long-winded bail out of the Greek state offers many lessons for the continent. One contributor notes that EAC Heads of State should particularly learn a lesson from the importance of consulting the people in order to make informed judgments and sound policy decisions. This contributor does add that the people need to be educated in order to make informed decisions, especially in light of the deep economic integration planned for the economic bloc. The EAC roadmap does include a common currency as corollary to the Customs and Common Union and Common Market.

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