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Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Friday, 22 March 2019

European Parliament
-14/15 May: Committee on Foreign Affairs
-14 May: Committee on Development
-14 May: Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (Extraordinary)
Council of Ministers
-14 May: Foreign affairs council
-14/15 May: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
-14/16 May: Coreper I
-16 May: Coreper II
ACP Group
-14 May: Committee of Ambassadors’ W/G on the preparation of the 7th ACP Summit
-15/16 May: Committee of Ambassadors

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How does one “green” an economy? For governments seeking a cleaner, more efficient, and ultimately more sustainable pathway to economic prosperity, this question entails both promise and great challenges. The Green Growth Investment Forum (GGIF) aims at gathering potential investors and policy makers in the Caribbean and create awareness in Europe of the specific development realities and challenges facing the small islands of the OECS. The participants will comprise investors in the area of “green economy” in the Caribbean and private sector representatives who use green technologies or are interested in developing these technologies within their companies. Major deliverables of the Forum are the proposal for a Green Award for enterprises who produce based on sustainable and environment-friendly criteria; the need for the exploration surrounding the development of a technical and regulatory (legislative) framework to allow for more effective implementation of a green economy in the Eastern Caribbean; and the way forward for joint energy policy formulation in the OECS, with regulated exchange of information and technology with neighboring territories.
This meeting will be organized by OECS in collaboration with CTA and will take place in Saint Lucia in July 2012.
More information will be soon available at brusselsbriefings.

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The CTA-Brussels Office has been reporting on the latest developments in recent months at the European Parliament concerning chocolate production and trade.  In March, the European Parliament followed the advice of INTA Committee and gave its consent to renew the International Cocoa Agreement. Likewise, it took the opportunity to raise awareness of the problem of child labour and child trafficking in the sector. Moreover, rapporteur Vital Moreira stated that both policymakers and stakeholders involved in cocoa production had to live up to their responsibility to eradicate child labour in cocoa production.  This week, the EP hosted an event highlighting the issue of the use of child labour on cocoa farms and called upon consumers to buy Fair Trade.  Participants at the event were shown a special film by CNN about child labour on West African cocoa farms, where tens of thousands of children are involved in backbreaking and sometimes dangerous work.

Since 2005, Somali piracy has escalated and become a threat to regional stability, world trade, and all forms of maritime transport. As the political situation in Somalia, which after more than two decades remains unstable, gives little hope of an overall improvement of the matter, the EP adopted a resolution intended to better deal with maritime piracy this week.

As Swaziland’s government has suppressed trade unionism in the country by repeatedly meddling in union activities, the EU expresses concerns. Through a press statement by the EU Delegation, based in Lesotho, and  in conformity with the EU Heads of Mission accredited to the country, calls upon the government to stop these actions and recalls the existing Cotonou Agreement as its provisions stand for respecting human rights.

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