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Friday, 22 March 2019

The General Council of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) cleared the way for the WTO accession of Vanuatu, one of the 14 island states in the Pacific. The European Commission welcomes this development which will bring the number of WTO member countries up to 154. Vanuatu's WTO accession is expected to make a positive and lasting contribution to the process of economic reform and sustainable development in the country, which ranges amongst the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) according to United Nations criteria. The EU supports the full integration of Vanuatu's economy into the multilateral trading system and welcomes that the terms of accession are fully in line with the developmental requirements of this small and vulnerable economy.

The Netherlands through the Netherlands Initiative for Capacity Creation in Higher Education, is donating 13 million Euros (472.5 million meticais) over the period 2009 – 2015 to support higher education, as well as capacity building in Food and Nutrition, Health (SRHR) and water and sanitation management in Mozambique.

The European Commission has proposed a legislation to improve the transparency of European forestry and extractive industries in Africa. The legislation requires the disclosure of payments to governments on a country and project by listed and large non-listed companies with activities in these sectors.

France Telecom-Orange announced in October 2011 the landing in Penmarc’h, Brittany, of ACE, the new submarine cable serving 23 countries by linking France to South Africa. The Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable, initiated by France Télécom-Orange and administered by a consortium of 17 operators, will link Europe to the West Coast of Africa through an unprecedented connectivity. Efficient and competitive, this 700 million dollar system uses the most advanced high-speed broadband fiber optic technology and will be a vector of social development and economic growth in Africa, reducing the digital divide.

The window to limit global warming to less than two degrees C is closing so fast it can be measured in months, a new scientific analysis revealed last week. Without putting the brakes on carbon emissions very soon, large parts of Africa, most of Russia and northern China will be two degrees C warmer in less than 10 years. Canada and Alaska will soon follow, the regional study shows.

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