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Newsletter 261

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The 3rd European Forum on Sustainable Development  will be held in Palencia, Spain from  29th March-1st April 2011. This forum is an initiative by the European Commission and EU Presidency with the support of France, Germany, Ireland, the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development and CTA. Around 500 experts in rural development form all around the world will be attending. Areas in agricultural cooperation which will be discussed include cover governance, food security and social protection, land issues, Ecologically efficient agricultural systems for smallholder farmers, the role of the private sector and the civil society in rural development, rural financing...

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Council of Ministers
-28 February: Transports, telecommunications and energy council
-3 March: Environment Council
European Parliament
-28 February: Environment Committee, Agriculture Committee
-2 March: Conference by GUE: The CAP towards 2020
-3 March: Committees on Development, International Trade
European Commission

2-4 March: EU-Pacific Islands Climate Change Conference
ACP Group of States

2 March: Special meeting of the Committee of Ambassadors
3 March: ACP meeting with UN High Representatives

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Our guest of the week is Jethro Greene, Chief Coordinator of the Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN). We spoke to him in the margin of a panel debate on "Geopolitics of Food" that the CTA organized in cooperation with DG DEVCO, Concord and the ACP Secretariat on February 2nd in Brussels.

Visiting the international agriculture fair in Paris, the commissioner talked about the revision of the financial market instruments directive, to be proposed in Brussels in June. Like the French government, Barnier said he was very concerned about the volatility of commodity prices. In his eyes, three factors are responsible for it: growing agricultural demand, monetary fluctuations and speculation.

The EU's member states need to take a critical look at their own policy objectives and implementation strategies, and how these fit within a broader European context. It is easy to criticize the European Union (EU). Its detractors disparage it for being too bureaucratic, not transparent, too expensive, too distant from European citizens and not very democratic. Yet, it appears that EU development policy-making is more open to public scrutiny and evidence-based guidance than the development policy of many EU member states.

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