Friday, 20 March 2015

EU – developing countries: €2 million for participation in trade

The EU recently pledged an additional €2 million to the WTO Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund (DDAGTF) and a further €100,000 for evaluating the fund. The contributions aim to support the active participation of developing and least-developed countries (LDCs) in the Doha Round negotiations. The DDAGTF finances around 280 activities per year, mostly tailor-made training delivered at regional and national level, covering all trade-related areas including trade facilitation, agriculture and services. Angelos Pangratis, EU Ambassador to the WTO, stated: "The EU and its member states remain the leading donors of trade-related technical assistance, evidenced once again by our latest contribution to the DDAGTF. In total, the European Union has donated €10.6 million to the DDAGTF since 2003. Trade rules can play an important role in supporting development when appropriately adapted to the needs and priorities of a country. The initiatives financed under the DDAGTF are key for the further integration of developing countries into the global trading system."