Friday, 23 January 2015

South-south trade is creating a new path for Fairtrade in South Africa

There is a strong desire in emerging economies to create growth and lessen inequality. In-country trading of ethical and sustainable products will help achieve these goals. five years ago, Fairtrade labelling initiative was set up in South Africa, the first in the developing world. Since then, Fairtrade products such as wine and rooibos tea were made available to local consumers as well as grown for export. While it was intiitally a ‘slow burn’, the number of new Fairtrade supply chains is increasing and retail sales of Fairtrade products have grown from R18m (£1m) in 2010 to R287m (£16.6) last year. Arianna Baldo, executive director of Fairtrade Label South Africa has no doubt about the importance of Fairtrade sales ‘in country’.