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Borloo, the man who wants to electrify Africa


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Borloo, the man who wants to electrify Africa

No, Jean-Louis Borloo has not retired. If since his health problems, the former minister had finished definitively with politics, he now has another purpose: to electrify Africa. And his project is progressing well. The future is Africa. "I'm going to Africa every week", assured, enthusiastic, the former mayor of Valenciennes in October. Jean-Louis Borloo wants to do for Africa what we did for France after the war: building a grid. Currently, only 25% of the continent - excluding Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco - has access to electricity. His conclusion: stagnating Europe must invest in this future territory. “Africa is the gateway to Europe with rapid population growth, this may be our future ", said the former centrist leader.

Source: europe1.fr