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Gabon: Bolloré Group granted a monopoly over port management

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 01 December 2014

Gabon: Bolloré Group granted a monopoly over port management

Three NGOs, the Youth Without Borders Association (Association Jeunesse Sans Frontières – A.J.S.F), S.O.S Consumers and Time, backed by the Counsel Bhongo-Mavoungou, are seeking to expedite the cancellation of the agreement reached in 2007 between the State of Gabon and the French Logistique Bolloré Group which is responsible for the high cost of living in Gabon. These NGOs claim that this partnership has been more profitable for the Bolloré Group than for Gabon. Just two weeks ago, Minister for the Economy, Investment Promotion and Future Prospects Régis Immongault paid a visit to the markets in the Gabon capital to check on the implementation of the agreement signed in 2012 between the State of Gabon and the key figures in the trade sector.

He discovered that in spite of the measures taken to lower the prices of basic foodstuffs, those measures were largely being ignored.In the opinion of these three NGOs, there is no doubt that the Bolloré Group lies at the heart of the problem, since it is they who are responsible for port logistics. They are therefore calling for the annulment of this agreement, since it deprives the Gabon State of the right to manage its own ports, which is key to the country’s economic growth. "This agreement is scandalous, because it hands over the management of our ports to Bolloré as a monopoly. It is monopoly which has caused the prices of basic foodstuffs to reach unreasonable levels.”

Source: gaboneco.com