Friday, 01 August 2014

Video Guest: Shadel Nyack Compton, Managing Director, Belmont Estate, Grenada

Interview with Shadel Nyack Compton, Managing Director, Belmont Estate (Grenada) from CTA on Vimeo.

In this week's CTA Brussels video interview, Shadel Nyack Compton, Managing Director of Belmont Estate in Grenada tells us a bit more about the activities of Belmont Estate in the agritourism sector, and the types of support needed from development partners for both SIDS and in her area of business.
On the 11th of July 2014, Ms Nyack Compton gave a presentation on "Linking small farmers with agribusiness: niche markets and branding strategies" as part of the Brussels Briefing on ‘Building resilience of SIDS through trade and agribusiness development' organised by CTA Brussels at Borschette in Brussels.
To find out more and watch her presentation, visit

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