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EU announces new rural electrification projects


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

EU announces new rural electrification projects

The EU has launched a rural electrification programme expected to benefit over two million people in the rural areas in sub-Sahara Africa. The €95 million funding will be used for 16 new energy projects in nine African countries.  The projects will include hydro, solar, wind and biomass solutions and provide sustainable access to energy to more than two million people.
The projects are part of the EU’s last Energy Facility which focused specifically on enhancing access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy services for rural dwellers who are hit hard by poverty.
The EU Commissioner Piebalgs said: “These innovative projects are a real step forward in terms of bringing energy to some of the most remote and poor areas in Africa. The benefits of rural electrification are manifold by connecting people to clean energy; we’ll improve healthcare, education, and opportunities to make a living in the area.”
EU aims to grant more than three billion euro in the 2014-2020 financial periods to fund sustainable energy projects in about 30 countries that see energy as a focal sector for development. According to the EU reports-Worldwide, about 1.3 billion people don’t have access to electricity. Through co-financing support by applicants, these €95 million-worth actions will be translated into projects costing more than €155 million.
Among the projects chosen, a hydroelectric project in the Ludewa District, Tanzania, will provide energy to 20 isolated villages; benefitting 4,000 households, 43 primary and secondary schools (about 16,000 students); one hospital and 19 dispensaries, over 500 small businesses and farmers from across the region.

Source: IPP Media