Monday, 02 June 2014

Energy: Mauritius risks losing a grant of 4 million Euros

Mauritius has until the end of May to submit a report to the European Union, which will determine if the country could gain 4 million Euros related to the use of ethanol.
“In regards with the use of ethanol in Mauritius, we are no judging. But the ball is now in the court of the government. If Mauritius wants to benefit from this EU grant, it is up to the government to provide a serious report to show that the requirements have been met,” explained Guy Samzun, Head of EU Delegation in Mauritius.
With this declaration, Guy Samzun contradicts an official statement from the Prime Minister’s office dated 2nd April 2014 in which the EU agreed to release the 4 million.
If the report from Mauritius cannot convince the EU, the country therefore risks losing the 4 million Euros in terms of accompanying measures. To this amount is added the 10 million Euros denied to Mauritius for non-compliance of EU indicators related to the production of electricity. The Minister of Finance, Xavier-Luc Duval stated that Mauritius had already ‘lost’ the 10 million Euros due to not having carried out an international tender for the construction of a coal plant.

Source: L’express