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Tuesday, 08 April 2014

Rome grants around 30 billion CFA francs to Dakar

Italy has allocated Senegal the sum of 45 million euros – 29.5 billion CFA francs – to fund agricultural projects, the promotion of women and food security, the ambassador in Dakar, Arturo Luzzi, announced on Saturday.
"This is a a concessional loan of 45 million euros granted to the Senegal state. It will be up to the Senegal government to select its priority areas. It has already targeted the agricultural sector and food security," said the Italian diplomat.
He was holding a press conference on board an Italian ship which recently arrived in Dakar. The 244-metre-long, 27,500-tonne vessel was on a cruise touching at over 20 countries, including Senegal, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Africa, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco.
According to the Italian ambassador to Senegal, a part of the funding will be set aside for the promotion of women and the protection of children. It will be used to fund the kind of small and medium enteprises in the country which are run by women, he pointed out.
Mr Luzzi also announced the launch of a new three-year Senegal–Italy cooperation programme to run from 2014 to 2016. "We shall also be running other micro-finance projects with a view to rolling over the three-year programme which is just finishing and continuing with the growth development programme launched by the Senegal government,” he explained.
Senegal is the major West-African community in Italy, “with thousands of migrants,” he said. “And in addition to the migrants, over 2,000 Senegales speak Italian. They are students or the families of migrants,” Arturo Luzzi clarified.
Source: Agence de Presse Sénégalaise