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EU funds 6.5 billion euro to help end over-fishing


Monday, 03 February 2014

EU funds 6.5 billion euro to help end over-fishing

European diplomats backed a 6.5 billion euro ($8.9 billion) deal to help fishermen adapt to new rules, ending years of debate over reforms of the European Union's fishing policy dealing with over-fishing. The funding agreement covers the years 2014 to 2020 and intend to fund equipment, such as new nets that allow smaller fish to escape, that could help replenish stocks.
Representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and member states agreed the deal in outline late on Tuesday 28 January as the final outcome of a set of fisheries reforms that member states have been debating since 2009.
Diplomats approved the deal at a closed door meeting on Wednesday 29 January 2014, EU sources said. Member states are expected to give their final endorsement following a European Parliamentary vote before the end of April.
Environmental campaigners told Reuters that the outcome has positive elements but is hampered by measures such as subsidising temporary halts to fishing would mean just a pause rather than an end to over-fishing.

Source: Reuters