Thursday, 30 January 2014

EU gives 67 M. Euros to Mauritania under fish agreement

The European Union (EU) has granted the Mauritanian government 67 million euros under a fisheries accord signed between the two parties in August 2012, the EU announced on Thursday 9 January in Nouakchott.
The amount correspond to the EU's annual contribution under the fisheries protocol that will expire on 15 December 2014. Around 130 million euros (against 80 million euros under previous accords) are dedicated to Mauritania  under the current partnership agreement with EU
The EU said it would carry on the partnership in the context of negotiations for a future fisheries protocol this year. There is also better protection of some over-exploited species whose stocks are feared to be running out. The European fleet is currently authorised to catch 300,000 tons of fish in Mauritanian waters per annum.