Monday, 30 September 2013

Video Guest: John Malcolm Spence (expert in Intellectual Property, CARICOM Secretariat)

In this week’s CTA Brussels video interview, John Malcolm Spence Senior Coordinator, Intellectual Property Issues, CARICOM Secretariat, tells us more about the concept of Geographic Indication (GI) and the opportunities it represents for the states of CARICOM.
Spence states that GIs are key for protecting the additional value that some of the goods produced in the Caribbean have. He also says that GIs will bring investment capital in the regions where they are located and will consequently help to develop rural areas. He is convinced that more and more Caribbean products using GIs will soon arrive on the international markets and that they will be identified and valued by the consumers.
On 15th May 2013, John Malcolm Spence held a presentation on “The Caribbean experience in protecting agricultural and agrifood products” as part of the Brussels Briefing ‘Geography of food: reconnecting with origin in the food system’ organized by CTA Brussels at the ACP Secretariat in Brussels.
To find out more and watch his presentation: