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Main Events for the Week 02/09/2013 –08/09/2013


Friday, 30 August 2013

Main Events for the Week 02/09/2013 –08/09/2013

European Parliament:

2 September: - Committee on Foreign Affairs
- Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

5 September: - Committee on International Trade
- Committee on Fisheries

Council of the EU:

- 8 September: Informal meeting of Ministers for Agriculture (AGRI)

European Commission:

- 5-6 September: The EU at the G20 summit


- 2-6 September : ACP-EC-UN-Habitat International Tripartite Conference
- 6 September: ACP Ad-hoc Working Group on Post-2015

You can also follow our new Facebook group CTABrussels and our Twitter account CTABrussels to receive up-to-date information on EU-ACP events.

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