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EU: Commission opens consultation on "Sustainability of the Food System"

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

EU: Commission opens consultation on "Sustainability of the Food System"

Open until 1 October 2013, a public consultation headed by the European Commission on the "Sustainability of the Food System" seeks to get feedback from the public and relevant industries regarding the question "How can we move towards a more resource efficient and sustainable food system?"
The consultation – launched on July 9th - seeks to provide answers to the unsustainable pattern of consumption that affects both Europe and the world.
A list of actions to tackle this pattern has been identified and the Commission's consultation invites those interested to outline "how these actions might be prioritised and who would be best placed to take them forward." They are as follows:
a.    Better technical knowledge on the environmental impacts of food
b.    Stimulating sustainable food production
c.    Promoting sustainable food consumption
d.    Reducing food waste and losses
e.    Improving food policy coherence
Participants will also be given the opportunity to propose other actions. Following the public consultation, the Commission plans to publish a Communication on the Sustainability of the Food System in early 2014.

Through the term “sustainability”, the European Commission implies the use of resources at rates that do not exceed the capacity of the Earth to replace them. For food, a sustainable system is seen as encompassing a range of issues such as security of the supply of food, health, safety, affordability, quality, a strong food industry in terms of jobs and growth and, at the same time, environmental sustainability, in terms of issues such as climate change, biodiversity, water and soil quality. However, the questionnaire invites the participants to give their perspective on this issue.

Source: European Commission