Friday, 07 June 2013

UK should spend millions to combat malnutrition, charity says

£132 million (€154.3 million) – this is the amount Britain should spend a year until 2020 in order to commit to combat malnutrition in poor countries, a charity group Save the Children report says.
Moreover, the charity suggest that the rich countries should spend an additional €773 million a year between now and 2020 on basic nutrition.
Aid for basic nutrition remains at only 0.4% of total British official development assistance, which came to €96 billion last year.
The Save the Children report, “Food for Thought”, published on Monday (27 May), says the global economic impact of malnutrition may be up to €97 billion. Children who are malnourished go on to earn 20% less as adults, compared with those who are well nourished. This, they say, means malnutrition acts as a barrier to economic growth. Estimates suggest that in low- and middle-income countries, the impact of malnutrition could decrease GDP by 2-11%, said the charity.
Despite enormous progress in other areas, such as a halving in the number of child deaths over the past two decades, the charity said malnutrition was an "Achilles heel to development”.

Source: Euractiv