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Illegal and counterfeit pesticides in the EU

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 08 April 2013

Illegal and counterfeit pesticides in the EU

The trade and use of illegal and counterfeit pesticides damages the industry and can have negative effects on farmers and consumers, it was said during a conference entitled 'Counterfeit and illegal pesticides: a real threat to EU public safety', organized by Syngenta on Tuesday, 26 March in the European Parliament in Brussels.
ALDE deputy Jürgen Creutzmann warned that the counterfeit pesticides represent a threat for human health and the environment. There are also concerns over negative implications on agricultural innovation, and the economy.
According to the speakers, up to 10 per cent of Europe's plant protection products are illegal. They enter EU usually via smuggling, or under the cover of parallel imports (legitimate parallel traded products are substituted with illegal generic copies). The majority of counterfeit products enter the market, having originated in China.
It is hard to fight this trend because – among others- the fines (in the case the crime is proved) are very low, and do not deter organized crime. Also, law enforcement authorities see these cases as too complicated and tend to under-prioritize them.
One of the solutions would be a more intense international cooperation.

Source: the Parliament