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Mali: EU strengthens joint development strategy

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mali: EU strengthens joint development strategy

The European Union put together a common strategy for the development needs in Mali during  a coordination meeting of EU development ministers, attended also by Tieman Hubert Coulibaly, the Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
This joint approach will be presented at an international donors’ conference which France and the European Union will host in May.
The new strategy is based mainly on the findings of the needs assessment mission on the ground carried by the EU between 28 January and 2 February in Mali. The focus will be primarily on reconciliation, conflict prevention and supporting the electoral process, as well as providing basic services (health services, access to water and sanitation), strengthening food security and relaunching the economy.
The agricultural sector will also be supported by providing seeds and fertilisers to farmers to prevent future food crises.

Following the coup d’état of March 2012, the European Commission had adopted precautionary measures limiting aid programmes. However, the adoption of a "Roadmap for Transition" by Mali on 29 January 2013 paved the way for the gradual resumption of development aid,  with €250 million previously frozen expected to be released in the near future.
Also, at a donor conference on Mali hosted by the African Union, the European Union confirmed the contribution of €50 million to support the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA). On the 15 February, an additional stabilisation support package worth €20 million was adopted by the  to provide immediate support to Mali's law enforcement and justice services.
The EU has been scaling its humanitarian aid to Mali in 2013 by €22 million in February, respectively €20 million in January, in order to assist the victims of the conflict.

Source: European Commission