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Friday, 15 February 2013

ACP-EU parliamentary assembly to address EU’s differentiation policies

Caribbean parliamentarians must utilise the opportunity of the 9th Regional Meeting of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly to be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from 14 to 16 February 2013, to take a strong stand against the EU’s approach to differentiation, CARICOM representative state.
This comes after the EU has indicated that it will apply the principle of differentiation to the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) National Indicative Programmes (NIPs), with the effect that the majority of NIPs in the Caribbean Region will be cut.
The Director-General of the Caribbean Forum of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (CARIFORUM) Directorate in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, Mr Ivan Ogando Lora, believes that the EDF, as the core source for financing development cooperation within the framework of CARIFORUM-EU relations faces now the prospect of being scaled back. Further, he cautioned that the mechanics of the application of differentiation remain internal to the European Commission. For this reason, he is expected to call attention in the assembly to the negative effects of the EU’s New Development Policy.
The upcoming JPA is expected to bring together 15 JPA parliamentarians from national parliaments of the Caribbean Region and an equal number of JPA Members from the European Parliament to exchange views several issues of interest to the Caribbean.The fifteen signatory Caribbean Forum of African, Caribbean and Pacific (CARIFORUM) States to the EPA are the independent CARICOM Member States and the Dominican Republic.
While Country Strategy Papers (CSPs) are the main strategic tools for programming, national indicative programmes (NIPs) are a management tool to identify and define actions for attaining the objectives set down in the CSP. Each CSP is accompanied by an NIP.
The European Development Fund (EDF) is the principal financial instrument through which the Cotonou Agreement is implemented. The EDF is outside of and operates separately and differently from the European Community budget. The resources for the EDF consist of contributions from all the member states.