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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What Does the 'Doha Climate Gateway' Mean for Africa?

The UN climate change conference in Doha, Qatar, concluded in December 2012 with a new agreement called the "Doha Climate Gateway." Its major achievements include the further extension until 2020 of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a work plan for negotiating a new global climate pact by 2015, to be implemented from 2020.
Despite these commitments, the Doha conference made only limited progress in advancing international talks on climate change and failed to set more ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also, only Germany, the UK, France, Denmark, Sweden and the EU Commission announced financial pledges for the period up to 2015 totaling approximately $6 billion. Most developed countries did not make pledges.
Despite the limited advances on financing, African countries registered five positive developments from the Doha conference:
The formal extension of the Kyoto Protocol, with continued access to carbon-trading market mechanisms such as the Clean Development Mechanism; financing for the formulation and implementation of national adaptation plans for all particularly vulnerable countries, not just the small-island developing states and least developed countries, as previously.
Agreement to develop an international mechanism to address loss and damage, which would support countries affected by slow-onset events such as droughts, glacial melting and rising sea levels.
A programme for climate change education and training and the creation of public awareness to enable the public to participate better in climate change decision-making.
Agreement to assess developing countries' needs for green technology, as well as a pledge that no unilateral measures will be taken on the development and transfer of technologies.
Source: AllAfrica