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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

MDG target to halve prevalence of hunger within reach

According to the UN, the international target to halve the prevalence of hunger in the world is within reach, after figures were published in the State of the Food Insecurity in the World report that suggest that global progress on reducing hunger has been better than previously assumed. The percentage of hungry people in developing countries has fallen from more than 23 percent 1990 – 1992 to less than 15 percent 2010 – 2012, bringing the estimated number to 870 million hungry people between 2010 – 2012.
The figures do not show an increase in global hunger following the recent food price and economic crises, but demonstrate a “significant slowdown” in progress, bringing hunger reduction to a halt for developing countries, which will need to be reversed if the Millennium Development Goal to eradicate hunger is to be met.
The report, which was launched ahead of the Committee on World Food Security meetings to be held in Rome next week, calls for more investment in smallholder farmers, “nutrition-sensitive” policies and the creation of comprehensive social protection systems that target the poor.

Source: Guardian