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CAP reform: (global) far-reaching consequences

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

CAP reform: (global) far-reaching consequences

A number of potential implications of the reform of the EU’s Agricultural Policy (CAP) are raised in an opinion article by KOPIN, a voluntary, autonomous, non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in Malta, which works in the field of North-South cooperation and global education. The author notes that the EU has become one of the world’s most important players in agricultural trade and “consequently has a wide-ranging impact on the sector beyond member states.”
Underlining the mounting pressure for reform by the international community, the author highlights that the global implications of a renewed CAP have not yet made it onto the local agenda.
In words of the author, the heavy subsides which are given to farmers have a direct impact on the  “majority world”. Even if EU actions on world poverty eradication and development are recognised, the author states: “This is not to say that the EU is not making efforts for development in Africa, but the CAP, with a budget of around €50 billion, is a direct contradiction of the aim to eradicate poverty around the world. ”

Source: The independent