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Monday, 16 July 2012

DDCA molecule prompts entry restrictions for Dominican bananas

According to Freshplaza, two supermarkets in Germany recently restricted the entry of bananas from the Dominican Republic after finding DDAC molecules in the skin of the fruit, which is not allowed in organic bananas. After some investigation, it was discovered that the DDAC molecule was present in the product of post-harvest BioLife.
The blockade of organic bananas from the Dominican Republic by two German supermarkets caused great losses to producers. The main cause was due to a product endorsed by the international certification company BCS, and not due to poor management on the Dominican producers side.
From the moment that both German supermarkets reported the presence of the DDAC molecule in the product BioLife, Dominican producers immediately suspended the use of this product and continued to send organic bananas to Europe.
Dominican Republic is exporting 350,000 boxes of 18.14 kg per week, of which 53% are organic bananas and the remaining 45% is conventional bananas.

Source: Freshplaza