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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Caribbean civil society to get more involved in EU-CARIFORUM EPA

Following the the ACP-EU Regional Seminar of Economic and Social Interest Groups,  which was recently organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Santo Domingo, Caribbean civil society organizations along with the CARIFORUM Secretariat, a subgroup of ACP countries for economic dialogue with the EU, made a commitment to define, before mid September 2012, the composition of the Caribbean side of the civil society Consultative Committee,  which is the only joint EU-CARIFORUM body in the EPA Agreement that has not yet been set up.
The Consultative Committee will deal with economic, social and environmental aspects of relations between the EU and CARIFORUM. The proposal on the composition will be presented to the EU-CARIFORUM Trade and Development Committee in September and will hopefully be adopted by the Joint EU-CARIFORUM Council in October 2012. This decision will make the Consultative Committee fully operational.
As discussions during the seminar also addressed what the region can do to foster sustainable and inclusive growth,  Ms Brenda King, President of the ACP-EU  said accordingly: “The transition to sustainable and inclusive growth needs the involvement of non-state-actors in order to be successful. This implies that democratic processes are in place and that a dialogue exists between non-state-actors and political decision makers”.

Source: EESC