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GEO-5 meeting reveals results of study

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 18 June 2012

GEO-5 meeting reveals results of study

UNEP's fifth Global Environment Outlook was launched last Wednesday, June 6. Meetings were simultaneously held in Rio de Janeiro, Brussels and Geneva to reveal the results of the study, namely that significant progress relating to the assessment of 99 environmental goals and objectives has only been made in four: eliminating the production and use of substances that deplete the ozone layer, the removal of lead from fuel, increasing access to improved water supplies and boosting research to reduce pollution of the marine environment. Some progress has been made in 24 goals (climate change, fish stocks, desertification and drought) and little or no progress has been made in 40 goals (climate change, fish stocks, desertification and drought). Further deterioration was revealed for 8 goals (the state of the world's coral reefs), while 14 other goals were unable to be assessed due to a significant lack of data.
The report emphasizes that an ambitious set of sustainability targets can be met by 2050 if current policies and strategies are modified and strengthened, and that Rio+20 should be used as a catalytic moment to turn sustainable development into a genuine path to progress and prosperity. Specific recommendations are made in the report, such as the necessity for more reliable data, in order to make informed decisions about environmental resources and to measure progress towards meeting internationally-agreed goals; stronger accountability; short- and long-term changes that combine technology, investment and governance measures along with lifestyle modifications; and increased international cooperation for a broader approach to tackling environmental problems.
The speakers at the GEO-5 launch in Brussels were Matthias Groote, MEP & Environment Committee Chairperson; Jan Dusik, UNEP Europe Acting Regional Director; Jacqueline McGlade, Director-General of the European Environment Agency; Jeremy Wates, Secretary-General of the European Environment Bureau and Marcel Kok, Dutch Environment Authority and Geo-5 author. All of them highlighted the most important conclusions of the report and reacted to questions asked by the audience

Source: CTA