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ACP-EU JPA fears instability domino effect


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ACP-EU JPA fears instability domino effect

The opening ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, took time to recall the state of affairs of several states in Africa.  While Louis Michel, Co-President of the Assembly, spoke in particular of the potentially devastating consequences of political instability in Mali for neighbouring states, such as Niger, Mauritania and Senegal, the side effects of the Libyan conflict on both the ACP Group and the EU were also discussed. Addressing the deputies, Mr. Michel also warned that the current crisis in the Sahel region could not be solved without both political and military intervention.
Recent events may also trigger price volatility and affect adversely the functioning of agricultural markets. In this regard, Mr. Michel talked about a possible domino effect throughout the region, which could also hit Algeria, Burkina Faso, and even Libya itself.
He urged a rapid deployment in July 2012 of a civilian-military mission to the region and EU financial support for possible ECOWAS military operations in Mali.

Source: Egovmonitor