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Restrictions prompt complaints by Rwandan traders

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Restrictions prompt complaints by Rwandan traders

Tight restrictions for Rwandan traders are currently leading to several complaints. As some products, especially horticulture, are facing difficulties in accessing the European market, Rwandans feel forced to export goods to US or Japan where the markets do not appear to be as protective.
According to, Nicolas Ndagijimana, a Rwandan coffee exporter, one " […] will find that in Europe they are more protective of their local businesses; that's why some products, especially horticulture exports are not allowed in". In this regard, Nathan Gashayija, the Director of the Policy and Programs unit-MINEAC recently announced that this issue would be addressed following the conclusion of the EAC-EU negotiations pertaining to the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA). He explained that negotiations have been delayed because EU negotiators disagreeD with the indicators proposed by the EAC, which would monitor outcomes in economic development areas. "There are some disagreements on different issues like domestic and export subsidies, where we would like to support our traders to exploit their market and they (EU negotiators) don't want it" he said.

Source: Newtimes