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Tuesday, 08 May 2012

Senegal will meet challenge of cutting horticultural imports by 50%

According to a recent Sendeveloppementlocal article, actors from the Senegalese agricultural sector will try to meet their goal of reducing their volume of imports by 50% by 2015. Ibrahima Wade, Permanent Secretary of the Senegal's Accelerated Growth Strategy (AGS), said the aim is to offset the balance of payments. These statements were made during a workshop organized by the Federal Cooperative of Horticultural Actors  (CFAHS), in St. Louis.
To achieve this goal, the Secretary stated that the horticultural industry should review its ambitions and strive to surpass them next year. The president of the CFAHS, Ngane Sheikh, also in attendance, stressed that the horticulture sector was subject to changes resulting from the establishment of efficient structures for transport and storage of products.
In particular, he stated "The state should provide more support to this sector which can play an important role in the fight against unemployment and the achievement of food self-sufficiency."

Source: Sendeveloppementlocal