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Main ACP-EU events for the week from 23/04 to 29/04/2012


Friday, 20 April 2012

Main ACP-EU events for the week from 23/04 to 29/04/2012

European Parliament
-23/24 April: Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
-23/24 April: Committee on Foreign Affairs
-23/24 April: Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
-23/24 April: Committee on Fisheries
-24/25 April: Committee on International Trade
-24/25 April: Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
Council of Ministers
-25 April: COREPER I
-25 April: COREPER II
-24 April : General Affairs Council (GAC) (Luxembourg)
ACP Group
-23/24 April: 2nd Meeting of Experts in charge of ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration
-25 April: Meeting of the ACP-EC Development Finance Cooperation
-25 April: W/G on the Future perspectives of the ACP Group
-25 April: African Union
-26/27 April:  SEDT Department
Research events
-23/24: 7th Regional Briefing “Building resilience in small island economies: from vulnerabilities to opportunities” (Mauritius)
-23/27: The 10th meeting of the International Resource Panel

You can also read our newspaper “CTA Brussels Daily” (fed by our Twitter account), follow our new Facebook group CTABrussels and our Twitter account CTABrussels to receive up-to-date information on EU-ACP events.

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