Friday, 20 April 2012

EP to push EU to clean up its biodiversity act

As the EU failed to meet its overall biodiversity target for 2010, the European Parliament insists that the EU must prioritize the preservation and restoration of damaged ecosystems. In a resolution adopted last week, the EP also calls for the naming and phasing-out of environmentally harmful subsidies by 2020.
Regarding the steady loss of biodiversity in the EU, as pointed to in several studies, rapporteur Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, notably says: "The services that nature provides us with, like clean water, clean air, fertile soil, food, are not only crucial for the well-being of human kind, they also represent an astronomical economic value. According to economists, each year we lose 3% of GDP due to the loss of biodiversity. That costs the EU €450 billion year after year. Compared to these figures, investing €5.8 billion per year in Natura 2000 is a bargain!"
Additionally, in the words of the resolution they key question to this issue is not a new strategy "but, rather, the forthcoming reforms of the common agricultural and fisheries policies and the multiannual financial framework (MFF]”

Source: European Parliament