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European NGOs: conspiring to “keep Africa poor”?

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 26 March 2012

European NGOs: conspiring to “keep Africa poor”?

Recent statements made at a Conference on Africa held last week in London, point to European humanitarian organizations as part of the “conspiracy to keep Africa in the throes of poverty”. According to an article published by The Citizen, Lord Peter Mandelson, the former EU Trade commissioner, said that European charities opposed his attempts to re-negotiate trade agreements that would benefit Africa with more commercial opportunities: “When I tried to re-negotiate EU’s trade rules […] who were the people trying to silence me? [...]It was the European NGOs!”.
Lord Mandelson did not, however, list the NGOs he was referring to, his statements may lend credence to the recent criticism raised by African governments. This has been  the case of Uganda, where Western charities have been criticised  for  their “unfriendly agenda”.

Source: The Citizen