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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

ENVI committee responds to EU failure in meeting biodiversity targets

Environment (ENVI) Committee calls for greater political attention to environmental preservation and restoration in a recent resolution.  Given that the EU has failed to meet its 2010 biodiversity targets, MEPs also suggest that EU policies bring biodiversity targets on board, in addition to naming and subsequently phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies.
ENVI committee stresses that recent studies show a constant decline in biodiversity in the EU, what "leads to devastating economic costs to society which until now have not been sufficiently integrated into economic and other policies".
The resolution has come as an input after the European Commission strategy for 2020, published in May, 2011. However, MEPs underline that the real key to this issue is not this new strategy, “but, rather, the forthcoming reforms of the common agricultural and fisheries policies and the multiannual financial framework (MFF)”. The next MFF (2014-2020) should dedicate at least 1% of the resources to environment protection, they add.
On a particular note, MEPs stress that the CAP is not only a tool for food provision and rural development, but also for biodiversity conservation. They regret that CAP measures directed at environmental protection "have so far failed to halt the overall decline of biodiversity". They say the CAP should be redirected towards compensating farmers for delivering public goods, "since the market currently fails to integrate the economic value of the important public goods which agriculture can deliver".

Source: European Parliament