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SCOF agrees new EU rules for ‘Organic Wine’


Thursday, 09 February 2012

SCOF agrees new EU rules for ‘Organic Wine’

The standing Committee on Organic Farming (SCOF) has agreed new EU rules for “organic wine. With the new regulation, which completes the EU organic farming legislation, organic wine growers will be allowed to use the term “organic wine” on their labels. The new rules have the advantage of improved transparency and better consumer recognition. These will not only help to facilitate the internal market, but also to strengthen the position of EU organic wines at international level, since many other wine producing countries (USA, Chile, Australia, South Africa) have already established standards for organic wines.
The labels must also show the EU-organic-logo and the code number of their certifier, and must respect other wine labelling rules. Although there are already rules for “wine made from organic grapes”, these do not cover wine-making practices, i.e. the whole process from grape to wine. It is important to remember that wine was the one remaining sector not fully covered by the EU rules on organic farming standards under Regulation 834/2007. The regulation will apply from the 2012 harvest.

Source: European commission