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Tuesday, 07 February 2012

Biofuels: not “so good” after all?

As the EU executive concludes an assessment of the potentially damaging effects they may have over the earth's climate, Connie Hedegaard, EU climate commissioner, cautions on the expanded use of biofuels.  In an interview conducted by EurActiv, Hedegaard says the Commission is still committed to the Renewable Energy Directive, which provides 10% of transport fuels from biofuels along with other green alternatives by 2020.
As Euractiv reports, a draft Commission impact assessment indicates that the greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels such as palm oil, soybean and rapeseed may exceed those of fossil fuels when wider factors are considered.
Hedegaard tells Euractiv that she, has “always been very cautious on biofuels,”  and recognises the potential in new technologies. Nevertheless she underlines: “we should take very much care in Europe that we are now not establishing a new big industry that we then - after some time - say, wow,  that was not so good.”

Source: EurActiv