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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

EU-funded research to study climate change's impact

A group of researchers in Finland is studying how climate change impacts nature and the various spheres that depend on it, namely agriculture, forestry, fishing and tourism. The study, which is funded under the VACCIA ('Vulnerability assessment of ecosystem services for climate change impacts and adaptation') project, is supported by the EU LIFE+ programme. The results of the study are expected to help decision-makers, industry and the general public, and give Finland the support it needs to adapt to a changing climate.
Nearly 100 experts from the Finnish Environment Institute, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and the Universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Oulu are contributing to this study. They predict the climate in Finland will warm more during the winter season instead of the summer season.
During the summer months, Finns will have to deal with more hot days and longer hot periods. Thermal winter, which is the period as determined on the basis of temperature, will become shorter. In their study, the team has put a number of cities, including Helsinki and Lahti, as well as tourist centres like Kuusamo and Sotkamo, in the spotlight. They have also been probing the effects of climate change and the possibilities for change in various environments within the forest, agricultural and water areas. The researchers point out that the tourism sector will have to adapt to the lack of snow and ice across the region.

Source: European Commission