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Regionalizing the Common Fisheries Policy


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Regionalizing the Common Fisheries Policy

Following recent debates on the Common Fisheries Policy, OCEAN2012, has published a paper  entitled “Regionalizing the Common Fisheries Policy”. The paper's main purpose is to: Encourage debate on the concept of regional fisheries management, particularly in a EU context; explore  potential reforms that might be useful or possible under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP); consider the key issues and challenges that may affect the possibilities to take a more regional approach to the management of the European Union’s (EU) fisheries.
The paper, which has three main sections, firstly defines and describes  “regional fisheries management”, inspired by approaches from around the world. First section is followed by a background to the EU’s legal and policy context in relation to regional fisheries management and the Commission’s proposal for regionalisation in the reformed CFP. Finally,  four examples describe different international, national and local ‘regional’ fisheries governance structures or management arrangements. These latter illustrate different approaches and give an overview of the issues, challenges and benefits of successful, or innovative, regional fisheries management.

Source: OCEAN2012