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Busan: Global Aid partnership but no binding commitments


Friday, 02 December 2011

Busan: Global Aid partnership but no binding commitments

After three days of discussion at Busan, donors and recipients have agreed to establish a new global aid partnership.  The aim of this declaration is to find more effective ways to spend funding for development.  NGOs complain that the declaration is just a roadmap lacking binding commitments.

Policymakers from more than 160 countries have attended to the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in South Korea. After days of debates, a 12-page document sums up the general guidelines for an expected worldwide partnership. This document, however, is not binding, as many stakeholders would have wished for.

The EU went to Busan with a decisive focus on strengthening developing country ownership and accountability; but it left the European Greens and civil society organisations (CSO) unimpressed.

CSO participated in the high-level forum for first time in history along with governments and voiced criticism of the EU. According to Justin Kilcullen, president of Concord, the federation of European development NGOs, the EU appeared to be “a ghost” at the summit: “Despite contributing €53bn to development aid a year, the EU allowed a watered down agreement on global aid reform to accommodate geopolitical agendas”.

Kilcullen however adds that although he believes that Commissioner Andris Piebalgs and some member states “do care" about poverty eradication, further and real commitment is still needed.

Source: CTA