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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

European firms keen on investing in Guyana, says new EU ambassador

Newly accredited Head of the European Union Delegation in Georgetown Robert Kopecky says there are several EU companies eager to enter Guyana with the potential for a number of “green” investments offering a way in. He made the comment to reporters last week after presenting his credentials to President Bharrat Jagdeo at the Office of the President.

“There is a lot of space to do things in the future like eco-tourism, preserving the forests, this initiative of Mr. President, low carbon; there is a bunch of European companies keen on coming to Guyana to do business in a mutually respectful way and I think … energy, given your hydro-energy potential, there is a lot of space to deepen our cooperation,” Kopecky said.

The EU envoy said his discussions with the president centred on those opportunities while they also addressed the political situation in the country. He added that Europe has noted the stability of Guyana and views with approval the term limits on the president which Jagdeo himself signed into law.

“We were talking for quite some time about the regional integration because to my judgment Georgetown  is kind of Caribbean Brussels if you want, the centre of your integration as Brussels is the centre of the integration with the European Union and I think that on this field given your ambitions like Guyana [as] food basket for the whole Caribbean there is a lot of space for mutual cooperation,” the envoy stated.

If there is anything that Europe can always share, he added, it is integration experience. Kopecky is also the ambassador to Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and the Dutch Overseas Territories.

The EU is Guyana’s biggest international aid partner and has been involved with projects in sea defence, sugar industry reformation, budget support and fostering democracy.