Friday, 11 November 2011

New Concord report: EU policies seriously undermine developing countries’ rights

EU policies are continuing to seriously undermine rights in developing countries says a new report launched on 7 November by CONCORD, the confederation of European development NGOs. The report shows incoherencies between EU development objectives and other policies, coming at an important time as the EU reforms its agricultural, trade and development policies.

The report is the joint effort of European development NGOs and civil society organisations, coordinated by CONCORD. It follows a first report in 2009. In the 2011 report, throughout the thematic chapters of relating to food security, natural resources management, human security, and migration, CONCORD uncovers some incoherencies of current EU policies and proposes alternative, fairer measures that respect the Human Rights of all.

The report finds that

  • The EU is failing to meet its obligations under the Lisbon Treaty to make its policies coherent so that they do not undermine development objectives.
  • The EU can greatly improve the impact of its €53 billion per year in development aid if it shows a clearer commitment to Policy Coherence for Development.