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FTAO about new EU Trade and Development Policy: Consider more actors


Friday, 04 November 2011

FTAO about new EU Trade and Development Policy: Consider more actors

The European Commission (EC) will launch a new Trade and Development Strategy in December 2011 with the objective to give a picture of how the EU can best support developing countries that currently do not benefit from trade, or do so only marginally.

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) welcomes the objectives but stresses that for trade to work for the poor, the strategy needs to take into account a wider range of actors which have been forgotten in the current Trade and Development Strategy. EU consumers, local authorities, EU companies and producers in the South all have important roles to play. […]

In its submission to the public consultation, the FTAO, together with other Fair Trade Organisations and civil society organisations underscored that the EU needs to enable marginalised producers and workers from the South to benefit from trade. The EU should promote measures to increase the trade of products and services with high sustainable development standards and allocate a higher priority to promoting sustainable development and fairness in supply chains. […]

The future of the EU Trade and Development Strategy was discussed with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) during a Fair Trade Breakfast (see article Trade and Development, a perfect topic of discussion for a Fair Trade Breakfast at the European Parliament), where the FTAO presented their briefing note for MEPs on the topic. To read the full FTAO submission to the public consultation of the revision of the Trade and Development Strategy, please visit FTAO’s  website. The summary of all the submissions to the public consultation can be found on the EC website.

Source: FTAO