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Madagascar will continue to have duty-free access to EU market


Friday, 04 November 2011

Madagascar will continue to have duty-free access to EU market

With 17 other countries, Madagascar will continue to benefit from a duty-free access to the European market. The European Union declared the maintenance of the country in the list of beneficiaries of the EU regulation 1528/2007 on market access.

On 23 June, Madagascar notified the EU of its acceptance to provisionally apply the interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

Therefore, the country will be maintained in the annex I of the EU regulation on market access. Effectively, the European Commission declared that it would continue to work towards the fact that Madagascar and the other 17 countries who will continue benefitting from duty-free access to sign a full EPA.

The Commission will profit from the dynamism that has started in the different partnership negotiations in order to establish a long-term economic agreement with its partner countries. All this should be done in respect of the EPA negotiation directives  and the priorities mentioned in the Cotonou agreement.

Source: AllAfrica/Midi Madagasicara