Thursday, 03 November 2011

EU's Agenda for Change leaves middle-income countries out cold

Last month the European Commission unveiled its ‘Agenda for Change’, a new policy framework outlining priorities for the European Union’s development aid and detailing the Commission’s renewed focus on economic growth as a means of poverty reduction, particularly in the world’s poorest countries.

However, while many have applauded this new agenda, international NGOs fear that several developing nations, especially middle-income countries, now risk loosing the Commission’s much-needed financial support. NGOs also raised questions about the role of the private sector in the new agenda. […]

"Basically, the Commission is telling us that greater economic growth is a means of tackling poverty," Laura Sullivan, an expert in EU development policy for the international NGO ActionAid, told IPS. "We agree growth is a necessary condition (for poverty reduction) but it's not the only one," she said.

Source: IPSNews