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Parliament votes growth-stimulating budget for 2012


Friday, 28 October 2011

Parliament votes growth-stimulating budget for 2012

Parliament aimed for a 2012 budget for growth, employment and innovation in the Union and for supporting development and democracy in neighbouring countries, when it voted its position on next year's budget on Wednesday.

In general, MEPs sought to restore the draft budget proposed by the Commission, which the Council cut in July. Parliament's position implies an increase in payments of 5.2% as compared to this year's budget, resulting in a budget of €133.1 billion.

The spending categories that see the biggest increases in payments are Research and Development (+10.35%) and Cohesion and Structural funds (+8.8%).  […] Another category that sees a significant increase is Freedom, Security and Justice (+6.84%), due to growing needs to manage refugee and migration flows and step up maritime surveillance in the Mediterranean.

By contrast, in category 1A, "Competitiveness for growth and employment" and category 4, "the EU as a global player", Parliament wants to spend only slightly more than the Commission originally proposed. […]

Parliament agreed to add €250 million to emergency funds for fruit and vegetable producers. This money is meant to prevent future crises such as last year's EHEC-bacteria one and to compensate farmers for the financial consequences of further crises.

Source: European Parliament